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Product details of Charmlux Anti-Aging Cream

Aging skin is early and visible sign of internal and external aging. Skin aging is a synthesis of many factors including degradation of tissue under the skin leading to reduced collagen and elastin. So, the skin loses moisture, sags, appears wrinkles and folds. Aging process takes place from 30 years old, however it can begin from 25 years old without skin care.

Additionally, more melanin is produced under the influence of sunlight, therefore women’s skin will appear more brown spots, become dark and uneven color. Besides, the natural moisturizer is decreased about quantity and quality leading to dry and rough skin, large pores.

Charmlux anti-aging cream is combination among sheep placenta extract, jam bean extract, hyalo-oligo, fermented honey…which help to rejuvenate and slow down aging process of skin. Charmlux anti-aging cream helps increase collagen and elastin production, reduce wrinkle to give taut, white and smooth skin for women.

Sheep placenta has been used since 1400 years ago. In the East, sheep placenta is used for traditional medicine to enhance health and beauty of the king. In the West, sheep placenta is the secret to radiant and aristocratic beauty of the queen.

Nowadays, the progress of modern science has shown that sheep placenta contains ingredients having high biological activities such as enzymes, nucleic acids, cytokine and EGF, FGF – cell growth factors. Therefore, it has effect on many aspects as making beauty, anti-aging, caring smooth and young skin.

Fermented honey has concentration of gluconic acid (also known as honey acid) which is higher several times than normal honey. Fermented honey helps kill dead cells gently without irritation. It reduces melanin and helps skin become white and smooth.

Hyalo – aligo (small Hyaluronic acid molecule): the main ingredient is hyaluronic acid oligomer hydrolyzed into smaller molecule than distance among cells on the skin’s surface, so it has high permeability, it is easy to permeate through horny layer. Hyalo-oligo is as a film on the skin’s surface to keep moisture. Thanks to good permeability, it is difficult to rinse off Hyalo-oligo, so Hyalo-oligo helps to keep moisture for a long time. Hyalo-oligo not only provides nutrients and keeps moisture but also blurs scar and recoveries wounds caused by acne



Charmlux Anti Aging Cream copy.jpg



Water, Dicaprylyl ether, Propylen glycol, Glyceryl stearate, Ethylhexyl stearate, Glycerin, Pachyrhizus erosus extract (jam bean extract), Hexylresorcinol, Cetyl stearyl alcohol, Polyquaternium_37, Fermented honey, Dicaprate, Ceteareth_20, Physalis angulate extract, Sheep placenta extract, Ceteareth_12, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl palmitate, Phenoxyethanol, DL_alpha_tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), Fragrance, PPG_1 Tridereth_6, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hyaluronic acid.


- Help to rejuvenate and slow down aging process of skin.

- Help to fade melasma, freckle, age spot.

- Help blur scar and bruise caused by acne.

- Enhance moisture, tighten skin and maintain elasticity of skin.

- Nourish skin be white and smooth.


  • After cleaning skin, take an adequate amount of cream, put on 5 points on the face: forehead, nose, chin, cheecks, rub and massage gently for 2 minutes to penetrate nutrients into skin.
  • Use Charmlux anti-aging cream in the morning and evening daily.
  • Use Charmlux anti-aging as moisturizer for making up.


Women are over 25 years old and have problems about skin:

  • Aging skin has symptoms such as: sagging, wrinkle, melasma, freckle, dryness, rough, uneven color.
  • Large pores, dark skin.
  • People want to make beauty, care skin and prevent skin aging.

STORAGE: Keep in dry place, close the lid after using.

REG.NO: 43/16/CBMP-BN.

Specifications of Charmlux Anti-Aging Cream

Bộ sản phẩm gồm:
  • <p>1 hũ kem 30g</p>
Đặc điểm chung
Hình dạng sản phẩm Cream
Model Kem trẻ hoá da Charmlux Anti-Aging
Lợi ích Whitening
Chăm sóc da Pores
Skin Type Dull|Signs of Ageing|All types
Warranty type No Warranty
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